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Torx Drive Double Countersunk CSK Head Wood Screws
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Torx Drive Double Countersunk CSK Head Wood Screws

Material: Carbon Steel
Shape of Head: Round
Drive: Torx
Head Type: Double Countersunk Head
Thread Type: Half Thread
Surface Finishing: Yellow/White Zinc
Certification: CE
Package: Bulk, small box, plastic box, according to clients’request
Sample: Free sample

Price: 0

Torx Drive Double Countersunk Head Wood Screws can be used on plywood structures. It has advantages in drilling speed and convenience. It is normally used with professional tools. Wood thread and middle knurling, effectively reduce the risk of cracking of hardened board.



  1. It is suitable for wood structure linking and reinforcement and matches the requirements of wood structure specifications
  2. Wood thread and middle knurling, effectively reduce the risk of cracking of hardened board
  3. High-quality low-carbon alloy steel and special heat treatment production process, bending performance, shear force, and other performance indicators are better than traditional wood screws
  4. Use professional power tools, the screw body will not shake during the installation process, advantaged drilling speed, and convenience.

Double Countersunk Head Wood Screw Chat

CSK Head Wood Screw Detailed Drawing

Half Threaded vs Full Threaded

Half Threaded vs Full Threaded

Advantages of Half Threaded:

  • Effortless drilling and fast installation
  • The upper and lower layers do not need to be pre-clamped, and the tightness between the two plates is completed by the downward pressure of the screw head.
  • In the lower plate, the longer the thread length, the greater the pull-out force

Advantages of Full Threaded:

  • The upper and lower layers of the plate have threads under force, which is more firmed
  • Suitable for the installation of stress-bearing joints of wood structures

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